Direct Mail Postcards

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Reach out to more people to promote or announce an event. Perfect for hand-outs, direct mail, or inserts, the versatility in marketing with flyers is endless. Offering hundreds of pre-designed templates takes out the guesswork and gets you on your way. Use targeted mailing to reach your past, present, and future customers. Create a monthly mailer to keep your current customers up to date with your company. Create a targeted campaign to reach new customers. Let the new customers know what you have to offer. How your company can benefit them.

The Process is really simple. We print your mailer the same day. On day number two we address your mailer. On day 3 your postcard is delivered to the U.S.P.S. If you need a mailing list we have them available for rent. Please see the options below for the mailing list.

This is what your mailing project will include:

Postcard Printing:

Our Postcards are full color both sides, printed on thick 15pt card stock and have high gloss UV coating on the non-address side.  We do not charge to print on the 2nd side of your mailer.


Mailing Services:

·         Addressing & Barcoding

·         Delivery to the Post Office

·         Postage



Like one of ours? Select from hundreds of designs here. Have your own design? Upload it here.
Useful Information

Direct Mail Printing

Please note Day 1 we will print your postcard Day 2 We will address them and then take them to the USPS.

We only accept Print Ready PDF files.

Please make sure that you have single page PDF's.

If your direct mail piece requires bleeds please make sure you add bleeds. We require .25in bleeds so a 8.5"x11" will be 8.75"x11.25 with bleeds.

When you upload your PDF file it will run it thru our Pre Flight PDF checker to ensure your file is ready to print.

Once it has completed checking your file it will let you know if it passed, has warnings or failed.

  • If your file passed the pre flight check you will be able to proceed to print.
  • If your file failed with warnings you will be able to review your warning and if you would like to still proceed to print your project you will give the final approval.
  • In the event your file fails the pre flight check you must resolve these issues before uploading your file again. These steps are taken to ensure the highest quality and trouble free printing is possible to meet our same day printing turnaround. As always if you have any questions or need help click on the chat button below.

Uploading Your Print Ready PDF Files

  • Please make sure you do not add crop marks to your artwork
  • PDF file only
  • We require .25in bleeds
  • Anything that will not trim off please them .25in in from the edge of the sheet and add your .25in bleed
  • Cmyk mode not rgb
  • 300 dpi
  • embed all of your fonts

Proper Color Value

Blue: Cyan 100% Magenta 60% Yellow 0% Black 0%

Darker Blue: Cyan 100% Magenta 70% Yellow 0% Black 20%

Green: Cyan 100% Magenta 0% Yellow 80% Black 0%

Light Green: Cyan 60% Magenta 0% Yellow 100% Black 0%

Red: Cyan 0% Magenta 100% Yellow 90% Black 0%

Rich Black: Cyan 40% Magenta 30% Yellow 30% Black 100%

Use the rich black only for black backgrounds when you design.

All black text must use 100% Black value.

Download these templates to setup your brochure


Mailing List Information

Client Provided Mailing List:

When mailing to a client provided mailing list we take your list; remove duplicate records, use NCOA to update address of people/businesses that have moved, and then process it thru our postal software. Please make sure your list is in excel file format with a header that consists of first name, last name, address, city, state, and zip code.

Occupant / Resident Mailing List:

Occupant mailing lists have limited demographic selections and are typically used when you want to mail to all households and/or businesses in a specific location.

Available Selections: Geography Radius, Dwelling Type, Median Income of Carrier Route, Median Home Value of Carrier Route, Percent of Households with Children, Median Age of Carrier Route

Consumer Mailing List:

Consumer mailing lists have a wide range of demographic selections and are typically used when you want use demographics to target the best possible prospects for your mailing.

Free Selections: Age, Income, Gender, Marital Status, Presence of Children, Age of Children, Home Value, Gender, Year Home Built, Length of Residence, Homeownership

Premium Selections: Pet Ownership, Net Worth, Ethnicity, Religion, Mail Order, Buyer, Mail Responder, PC Owner, Credit card Indicator and more… (call for pricing)

Business Mailing List:

Business mailing lists have a wide range of demographic selections and are typically used when you want use demographics to target the best possible prospects for your mailing.

Free Selections: Geography, Business Type (SIC code)

Premium Selections: Sales Volume, Year Started, Minority Owned Indicator, Headquarter / Branch Indicator, Contact Names, Job Titles, Phone Numbers

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