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Business Card Printing

We print using Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black inks.

We only accept Print Ready PDF files.

Please make sure that you have single page PDF's not printers spread.

If your business card requires bleeds please make sure you add bleeds. We require .25in bleeds so a 3.5"x2" will be 3.75"x2.25 with bleeds.

When you upload your PDF file it will run it thru our Pre Flight PDF checker to ensure your file is ready to print.

Once it has completed checking your file it will let you know if it passed, has warnings or failed.

  • If your file passed the pre flight check you will be able to proceed to print.
  • If your file failed with warnings you will be able to review your warning and if you would like to still proceed to print your project you will give the final approval.
  • In the event your file fails the pre flight check you must resolve these issues before uploading your file again. These steps are taken to ensure the highest quality and trouble free printing is possible to meet our same day printing turnaround. As always if you have any questions or need help click on the chat button below.

Uploading Your Print Ready PDF Files

  • Please make sure you do not add crop marks to your artwork
  • PDF file only
  • We require .25in bleeds
  • Anything that will not trim off please keep them .25in in from the edge of the sheet and add your .25in bleed
  • Cmyk mode not rgb
  • 300 dpi
  • embed all of your fonts

Proper Color Value

Blue: Cyan 100% Magenta 60% Yellow 0% Black 0%

Darker Blue: Cyan 100% Magenta 70% Yellow 0% Black 20%

Green: Cyan 100% Magenta 0% Yellow 80% Black 0%

Light Green: Cyan 60% Magenta 0% Yellow 100% Black 0%

Red: Cyan 0% Magenta 100% Yellow 90% Black 0%

Rich Black: Cyan 40% Magenta 30% Yellow 30% Black 100%

Use the rich black only for black backgrounds when you design.

All black text must use 100% Black value.

Download this template to setup your business cards


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A Business card is a small card usually 3.5"x2" inch that bears the business information of and about an individual or a company. The card is usually shared between friends, customers, work colleagues and clients during formal introductions as a memory aid. 

The details of the card include; name of the giver, business affiliation or company (usually with the business or company logo), contact information (e-mail, fax, phone, postal code, street and physical location, etc), professional occupation and position held by an individual, website if any and any other relevant information.

From between who is a business card?

Business cards are usually issued by companies or individuals to customers and clients, friends, and work colleagues. Usually, they are interchanged during formal functions such as job interviews and conferences. However, they can also be shared during non-formal introductions such as when you meet with a long-time friend that you had lost connection with, or when you meet new friends.

Where and when can a business card be found or issued?

Normally, the company business cards are found at the company’s reception office or desk. For an individual card, the card owner walks around with them or they can be found in their private offices. 

The cards are shared during formal and non-formal functions. A company, through its workers, can exchange their business cards with others. The same applies to individual people willing to share their contact information with friends or any other interested parties for communication purposes.

Why business cards?

1. To share and convey your Contact Information – business cards are an easy, convenient and effective way to share out your contact information with others. Trading business cards with other professionals, friends, and colleagues at different formal functions help to establish and cement strong and lasting relationships. Your customers can also contact or trace you or your company easily with a business card.

2. They help your friends, colleagues, and Customers to Remember You – with a business card, a customer will always remember you after the first meeting. The card acts as a reminder to them. Your friends and colleagues will always keep in touch with you once they have your business cards.

3. They Reflect Your Company's Value – a business card acts as your company’s small marketing plan that works with available materials like envelopes and letterheads to publicize your company's value and its business approach. A well-designed business card portrays the spirit and culture of your company to your customers.

4. They can help to differentiate your company or business from competitors – A decently designed business card portrays the decency of your company making it stand out from the crowd. For example, a concise and direct eye-catching card that smartly projects your company identity is an effective way to catch customers’ attention.