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Useful Information

Booklet Printing

We print using Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black inks.

We only accept Print Ready PDF files.

Please make sure that you have single page PDF's not printers spread.

If your booklet requires bleeds please make sure you add bleeds. We require .25in bleeds so a 8.5"x11" will be 8.75"x11.25 with bleeds.

When you upload your PDF file it will run it thru our Pre Flight PDF checker to ensure your file is ready to print.

Once it has completed checking your file it will let you know if it passed, has warnings or failed.

  • If your file passed the pre flight check you will be able to proceed to print.
  • If your file failed with warnings you will be able to review your warning and if you would like to still proceed to print your project you will give the final approval.
  • In the event your file fails the pre flight check you must resolve these issues before uploading your file again. These steps are taken to ensure the highest quality and trouble free printing is possible to meet our same day printing turnaround. As always if you have any questions or need help click on the chat button below.

Uploading Your Print Ready PDF Files

  • Please make sure you do not add crop marks to your artwork
  • PDF file only
  • We require .25in bleeds
  • Anything that will not trim off please them .25in in from the edge of the sheet and add your .25in bleed
  • Cmyk mode not rgb
  • 300 dpi
  • embed all of your fonts

Proper Color Value

Blue: Cyan 100% Magenta 60% Yellow 0% Black 0%

Darker Blue: Cyan 100% Magenta 70% Yellow 0% Black 20%

Green: Cyan 100% Magenta 0% Yellow 80% Black 0%

Light Green: Cyan 60% Magenta 0% Yellow 100% Black 0%

Red: Cyan 0% Magenta 100% Yellow 90% Black 0%

Rich Black: Cyan 40% Magenta 30% Yellow 30% Black 100%

Use the rich black only for black backgrounds when you design.

All black text must use 100% Black value.

Download this template to setup your booklets

5.5" wide x 8.5" height

8.5" wide x 11" height


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Have you been thinking of having a booklet printed but do not know where to start? To start with the obvious fact, the importance of a booklet cannot be over-emphasized. Students, as well as those in the corporate sectors, have learned to appreciate the convenience and the flexibility brought about by these books, thanks to the fact that they are portable. Having settled with this obvious fact, your next point of concern would be finding a perfect printing company for your desired booklet, and this is where we come in.


We specialize in the business of printing booklets for clients of different tastes and preferences. Our long existence in this industry has enabled us to gain considerable experience, thereby making it easy to tailor our booklets to the needs of our respective clients. However, there are a couple more things that set us apart from any ordinary booklet printing company, as shall be explained further in this article.



To begin with, our booklets are printed on full color. The color selection is, however, left to our clients to decide. This means that once you place an order with us and outline your requirements in terms of the color schemes, our professionals will see to it that your booklet comes out in the exact colors that match your tastes. Additionally, we use our expertise to help you choose the best colors for your booklets, taking into account both your taste and profession.


Secondly, our booklets are printed using various designs. We are sensitive to the fact that the booklet cover should speak volumes of what the booklet or owner is about and for this reason, we have customizable designs that we place on the covers, meant to add that aesthetic appeal as well as highlight the possible content of the book. A case in point would be printing a booklet for a client working in the travel and tourism industry. We would use designs associated with the industry, such as that of a wild animal.


It is also fair to state that when printing our booklets, we take great cognizance of the fact that you need to have something that is fairly durable. It is for this reason that the booklet pages are printed on premium papers. Premium-quality papers are, as you may be aware, a little expensive but it is the fact that they last for fairly much longer that makes them a great choice for many. Look to us if you require a booklet that will stand the test of time.


Last but not least, we understand that time is the greatest resource and for this reason, we will ensure your booklet is printed with the least expense of it. Once you place an order with us today, we will begin printing immediately and chances are your booklet will be ready for shipping the next day, it really cannot get better than this. Place an order today and have your booklet printed by a professional company that will take care of both your personal preference and quality needs. Print Place with Custom Booklet Printing Offering Free Shipping at Multi page custom booklet printing.